Friday, July 23, 2010

London Town: Day 1 | Part 1

Wow!  I forgot how many pictures we took on our trip.  Below are some pictures from our first day in London.  It does make me want to go back though.  Enjoy!

On our first night we ate some yummy fish and chips before...

 ...going to see Wicked at the Apollo Theater!

The next day we went on the Original Sightseeing Tour and saw a lot of the city...AMAZING!!!

Seriously, this was right across the street from where our tour left at...weird!!!

Then we set off on our journey starting with Trafalgar Square...

Well that's all for now...time for ice cream!  Next post = Tower of London

Welcome to our blog!

Jared and I are excited to have our blog up and running.  Check back often for updates.  We are new at blogging so please be patient as we figure it out.  

Wish us luck!