Thursday, November 29, 2012

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What a CUTIE!

This Sunday, Jared and I took some pictures of Grayson before heading to church.  I wanted to get some cute 9 month picture of my sweet boy and I think they turned out pretty good.  I edited them on my Mac and definitely wish I had Photoshop but they are still super can they not be with such a cutie in them!

Not much to tell around here.  We have just been going on walks...

Running errands...

Playing with new 'toys' (Mommy loves this one)...

And hiking at Eagle Mountain Lake Park...

I hope that you are all enjoying the wonderful spring weather, especially since it will be 100 degrees outside before you know it!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Our Easter Weekend & 9 Months

We had a great Easter weekend and we were so happy to finally have the Easter Bunny visit our house.  We dyed eggs the night before and set out Grayson's Easter basket.  He loved the goodies the Easter Bunny brought and had a lot of fun finding the eggs we dyed with Daddy!

We had both of our families over for lunch after church.  It was delicious and Grayson definitely had plenty to eat.  Even though is rained we were still able to hunt eggs in side the house after lunch. 

Later, Grayson and his Uncle Eric played together in his playroom.  G loves playing with his uncles and I think his uncles love playing with his toys!

Last Friday, my sweet little boy turned 9 months old!  I can't believe how fast the time has gone and how much he has changed in the past month.  He went from only sitting up from 5-8 months to crawling, pulling up and cruising in one month.  His personality has developed so much, too.  He is so playful, giggly, adventurous and even a little troublesome (I know he doesn't get this from his Mommy).  

He also has two new favorite games called Crawl and Chase - nothing cuter than having him look back at me to make sure I'm chasing him and Closing Doors - he feels so accomplished after he closes his bedroom or playroom door and it's just downright cute! 

I hope that you all have a great week and I better get to bed because I have a little one to chase around the house in the morning!  Goodnight!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

We're Cruisin'

It has been a busy, exhausting and fun week in our household.  Grayson is growing and learning so much!  He is pulling up on pretty much everything and loves cruising around our sectional - mainly on the hunt for some remote controls.  He has decided that clapping is fun again after a short hiatus and LOVES dancing anytime he hears music (which his Mommy loves of course).  He loves to explore the house from the master bedroom to the back door (I'm sure that has nothing to do with the fun bell attached to it) and of course going to his playroom.  It is so fun to watch him navigate the house and I must admit a little exhausting at times.  He is so happy and proud of all his new accomplishments and skills. 

We have another busy week ahead of us including Grayson's first Easter.  It will be so exciting to have the Easter Bunny visit our house for the first time!  I'll be sure to post pictures on next weeks post.  Until then, I hope y'all have a great week and Happy Easter!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


There is nothing more beautiful about spring in Texas than the bluebonnets you see on the side of the highway.  I have never...I mean NEVER...been one to really care about taking pictures in the bluebonnets.  I usually shake my head at the people that stop on the highway to climb among the litter and, more than likely, roadkill to take pictures in their Sunday best.  It has just never been something I cared to do but, now that the little man is here and I really want some cute spring pictures, the bluebonnets were calling my name.  My mom and I went today to a place in Benbrook that Jared saw with my Dad and brother this weekend that had a lot of bluebonnets (not on a highway but, by a roadkill for us).  They were right because it was gorgeous!  Although we didn't cross the street to where the massive amount of bluebonnets were, we definitely got a lot of good pictures of Grayson.

Grayson is still recovering from his virus that came over the weekend with a very high fever.  There is nothing scarier that waking up to find your baby with an almost 104 fever!  Luckily, the high fever only lasted about 24 hours and now we are waiting out the rest of the icky virus to get out of his system.  He is feeling so much better though and back to playing, crawling, pulling up (on certain things) and even dancing!  My boy is finally dancing...YAY!!!  We are going to be staying away from large crowds, playgroups and nursery for the rest of the week to make sure the little man is ready to handle any germs thrown his way.  I must say that G definitely has a working immune system. I hate to see my sweet boy sick and just pitiful but, I am always so thankful that his immune system is working hard to fight off whatever illness he has.  God's design truly is amazing!

Have a great rest of the week!  

Monday, March 19, 2012

What a Week...

I cannot believe that it is already Monday again!  This past week has been so busy but a lot of fun!  Grayson has been on the move all week long and getting into everything he can.  It's made for one mischievous baby and one tired Mommy!  And of course, the new adventures have also created new opportunities for injury and the little man is definitely doing well keeping up on the injury quota for a new crawler.  Poor guy but, I think it bothers me more than it does him. 

The wood floor is not his friend

We have also been enjoying the spring weather with trips to the park for a nice stroll and some swinging.  It is so much fun to watch him admire the wonders of God's creation!  

Walking at Willow Creek Park

He was annoyed with me because he wanted to look around and I wanted a picture

After a busy weekend of a baby shower and church festivities Grayson and I just stayed in today waiting on the rain that didn't arrive until tonight.  At least I got caught up on some chores around the house and we played a lot today.  G has been enjoying pulling up on windowsills and Mommy's leg and getting so much better at standing on his own.  He is getting too big way too quick.  But I am taking advantage of his new skills and let the little guy 'paint' on the front door while watching the storm roll in and the kids play outside.  He had so much fun!

Painting up a storm

We are ready for another busy week and hoping the weather doesn't make us cancel any of our plans.  Happy Spring (on Wednesday) y'all!

Monday, March 12, 2012

We're on the move...

Grayson is turning 8 months tomorrow and has decided that it will be a great time to start crawling.  Thank goodness!  He has been on the verge of crawling for quite a while but, just hasn't had the motivation/need to actually go.  I do find it to be quite amusing that he would only crawl for his diaper basket!  However, he has finally been crawling for some toys, as well.

Jared and I are thrilled that Grayson has finally reached this milestone and we have a feeling that pulling up won't be too far behind,  Playtime has been a lot of fun today...make sure you ask me how much fun it is next week.  Haha1