Saturday, July 23, 2011

Grayson at home...

The last week and a half have gone by so quickly.  It is so bittersweet to see how much Grayson has changed since we brought him home (at least he's a nice shade of pink instead of yellow)!  We have enjoyed every second we get to spend with him, even if it is in the middle of the night.   Titan and Bridgette are finally back home after having a nice vacation time with my brother in Dallas.  Below is a picture of what life is like now in the Jones' the ball on Jared's back!  Titan is totally oblivious to Grayson and is just returning to life as normal...ball, ball, ball!  Bridgette on the other hand definitely notices Grayson and isn't too happy when I am holding or feeding him.  However, when he is not with me she is right by my side.  It will be interesting to see how they will react once they realize Grayson is here to stay.


Grayson also got it first sponge bath a couple nights ago.  I have a feeling he was slightly disappointed and would much rather have an actually bath.  Which will probably happen soon since his umbilical cord fell off yesterday!  Growing up so fast already!


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Introducing...Grayson Richard Jones

Be prepared for the longest post ever...

Well as most of you already now Grayson made his big debut on Wednesday, July 13, 2011 at 9:24pm.  He weighed 8 lbs. 7 oz. and is 20.5 inches long!  Jared and I are just thrilled to be parents and could not be happier.  We love Grayson SO much and are enjoying our time together as a family.

We could not have asked for a better delivery.  We had our 39 week doctor appointment on Wednesday afternoon and right before we were about to leave my water broke in the doctor's office.  We then drove across the street to the hospital,  So convenient!  After being admitted I decided to get an glad that I did!  We "relaxed" in the hospital room watching So You Think You Can Dance while waiting on Grayson.  I progressed very quickly, which I don't think the nurses were planning on, and they called my doctor when I was already at a 10.  Once my doctor got there I pushed for 14 minutes and Grayson was here!  So amazing!  

Grayson swallowed a lot of amniotic fluid and had to go to the NICU.  I have to say I was completely devastated and heartbroken to see my little boy taken away so quickly and it was definitely something I hadn't planned on.  After being in the NICU for a little over an hour he was able to go to the newborn nursery and Jared was able to show him to our family.  Around 1:00 in the morning I was finally reunited with my little guy! 

Hospital Visitors


Heading home!

First trip to Sonic!

In Jared's "Going Home" outfit

As some of you know Grayson had a bad case of jaundice and we had to have him under lights as often as possible Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.  This is not what you imagine your first few days at home with your newborn but, I knew that the cuddling would come once he was better and that had to be my priority.  The rule of thumb "sleeping when he is sleeping" didn't work for us because someone had to stay with Grayson anytime he was under the lights.  We were so blessed to have family that was able to come help so that we could get some sleep.  After going to the doctor everyday and having to get his heel pricked we were so excited to hear that we were done with the lights and he didn't even need to get his heel pricked to verify that!

Our first "normal" night at home was Tuesday night and it went GREAT!  We are so blessed to have a little guy that loves his sleep...let's hope it stays that way.  We were able to get a total of about 6 hours of him!!!

I have a lot more information to share but I will try to give it to y'all slowly!  Thanks for all your prayers and congratulations!  We feel so blessed to have such amazing family and friends!

Monday, July 11, 2011

1 week left...

I am so excited that Grayson's due date is just 1 week away!  I feel like the last couple of weeks have just been dragging and I can't wait for him to come!  We have our next doctor's appointment on Wednesday but, I am hoping that he'll decide to come before.  I guess we will just have to wait and see.

A few weeks ago, Jared and I had our maternity pictures taken by our friend, Melissa.  She did such an amazing job and we are so happy with how the pictures turned out.  Here are a few of our favorites...

I'll be sure to keep everyone posted on any updates with Grayson! Thanks for the prayers!