Wednesday, March 28, 2012


There is nothing more beautiful about spring in Texas than the bluebonnets you see on the side of the highway.  I have never...I mean NEVER...been one to really care about taking pictures in the bluebonnets.  I usually shake my head at the people that stop on the highway to climb among the litter and, more than likely, roadkill to take pictures in their Sunday best.  It has just never been something I cared to do but, now that the little man is here and I really want some cute spring pictures, the bluebonnets were calling my name.  My mom and I went today to a place in Benbrook that Jared saw with my Dad and brother this weekend that had a lot of bluebonnets (not on a highway but, by a roadkill for us).  They were right because it was gorgeous!  Although we didn't cross the street to where the massive amount of bluebonnets were, we definitely got a lot of good pictures of Grayson.

Grayson is still recovering from his virus that came over the weekend with a very high fever.  There is nothing scarier that waking up to find your baby with an almost 104 fever!  Luckily, the high fever only lasted about 24 hours and now we are waiting out the rest of the icky virus to get out of his system.  He is feeling so much better though and back to playing, crawling, pulling up (on certain things) and even dancing!  My boy is finally dancing...YAY!!!  We are going to be staying away from large crowds, playgroups and nursery for the rest of the week to make sure the little man is ready to handle any germs thrown his way.  I must say that G definitely has a working immune system. I hate to see my sweet boy sick and just pitiful but, I am always so thankful that his immune system is working hard to fight off whatever illness he has.  God's design truly is amazing!

Have a great rest of the week!  

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